Ausevika Figure Interpretation 2

This is my second interpretation of what one of the creatures in the rock carving figures at Ausevika might represent. You can see the first one here.

Silhouette and pencil-drawn interpretation of a petroglyph figure from Ausevika.

The figure’s outline primarily resembles a deer, but some features don’t quite fit with that of a deer. Intriguingly, nearly all creatures at Ausevika possess bird-like feet. If only one figure had this feature, it could be dismissed as a poorly executed drawing; however, given the prevalence of these bird-like feet, it was evidently a deliberate choice. This makes me think that most of the Ausevika figures are not intended to represent real animals.

Close-up photograph of the actual petroglyph from Ausevika
The actual petroglyph at Ausvika. I interpreted with three horns, but also looks like it could have just two big ears.

In addition to the bird feet, the majority of these figures also display what I see as a bird-like extension of the body behind the hind legs. This particular figure also has a division in the body reminiscent of wings.

Pencil-drawn interpretation of a petroglyph figure from Ausevika.
The mix of mammal and bird characteristics makes the rendering look a bit like a dinosaur.

Certain birds, such as the Cassowary, actually do have horn-like features. However, animals either have two legs and two wings or four legs/arms, never a combination of four legs and wings as depicted here. So it is clearly is a fantasy creature. But artists make up imaginary creatures all the time, and this practice has always been a part of human culture.

Not to say that my interpretation necessarily align with the original artist’s intention. But I think the merging of bird and mamal characteristics is intentional.

Deer figures frequently appear in petroglyphs and seemingly held special significance for the cultures that made the rock art. Birds can symbolize passage between worlds, or the flight of the spirit/soul. Perhaps the fusion of deer and bird attributes significes a connection to the spirit world.