Ausevika Petroglyphs

Edited Sentinel-2 satellite image of Ausevika in Kinn. Ausevika is close to town of Florø, which is the administrative centre in Kinn.

I visited the petroglyphs at Ausevika, which is one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway. Some rock carving fields may be a little disappointing to visit, as they can be hard to reach and then there are only a few carvings to look at. But Ausevika has over 300 carvings with lots of variation in the symbols used. I highly recommend visiting the site.

Dating of the Ausevika site is disputed. The carvings have a somewhat unique style, and they may have been creating over a long period of time since there are so many of them.

I went to Ausvika on a fine summer day (which is rare on the west coast of Norway).
The trail around the rock carvings is great for accessibility
The fence also means you can’t get too close to the petroglyphs (which prevents damage to them).
Some more recent rock carvings. Some of them from the 1800s. Vandalism, or part of the cultural heritage?
The carvings at Ausevika are unusually trippy for Norwegian petroglyphs.
Beautiful environment around the petroglyphs.

Blogpost about interpreting one of the Ausevika figures here: