Selected Digital Art

Digital painting of a small gnome-looking woman with a worried-looking expression stands before a giant, elevating, pear and says "Albert?". A skull lies on the ground and behind them is the ruined walls of a city.
Albert? (2021)
A digital painting of an old woman sitting in a dark room with folded hands. A fresh scar runs across her face, and she is saying "Why is it so dark?".
Why is it so Dark? (2021)
Digital painting of a naked half-bat, half-human, woman with long hair and red eyes is running with her wings spread out behind her.
Messenger (2021)
Digital illustration of a sphinx with  breasts, angel wings and a halo seen in profile.
Sphinx (2020)
Digital illustration of a naked woman and a man holding hands and smiling among giant lavender flowers.
Lavandula (2020)
"Little Death". Digital painting portrait of a woman with closed eyes and open mouth, surrounded by a soft glow of white hair.
Little Death (2020)
Gone (2020)
Never Let Me Go (2020)
Yahweh (2020)
Digital painting of a human alien hybrid.
Hybrid (2019)
Subtraction – Scribble animation made for Kompetanse Norge together with Screen Story (2019)
Transformation of the Monk (2018)
Mermonkey (2018)
Lady Dragon (2018)
Still frame of Elijah in the Diurnalis episode “Happy Birthday” (2017)
Falsk Blomst (2016)
The Doubtful Crusader (2016)
Cosmonaut (2016)
Alchemical Flower (2016)
Bejabbers! (2016)
The Angel and the Grey (2016)
Bogdan, Gavril and Daria – Character designs for Hortus (2015)
Malade (2015)
Senior’s room – Prest Erling background art (2014)
Inga and Junior at the grave – Prest Erling Storyboard sample (2014)
Balcony – Kråkedal background art (2013)
The Hunters – Illustration from Elgen Geir (2013)
Lanterns (2011)
Concept art for a Majesty board game done for Paradox Interactive (2011)
The Boy (2011)
Old Bert (2009)

Selected Traditional Art