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  • The Rock Art of Fontainebleau

    The Rock Art of Fontainebleau

    These photos are from the exhibition Pierres secrètes: Mythologie préceltique en Forêt de Fontainebleau (Secret stones: Prehistoric mythology in the forest of Fontainebleau) at Musée de Préhistoire Île-de-France in Nemours. The exhibition featured petroglyphs, or rock carvings, done on portable stones found hidden in the Forest of Fontainebleau. It seems like the rock art was…

  • Midsund Petroglyphs

    Midsund Petroglyphs

    19th October 2023 I was in Midsund to do a workshop about petroglyphs at a school. Teachers at the school told me about some petroglyphs on the island that I was unaware of, and gave me directions to the site. I traveled to see them on the same day. The two petroglyphs at Reitaneset in…

  • Evenhus Figure Interpretation 1

    Evenhus Figure Interpretation 1

    There is a curiously carved human-like figure among the petroglyphs at Evenhus: If it is supposed to be a human, it is lacking both arms and legs. Without the face it wouldn’t look very human at all. As it is rather rare for human petroglyph figures to be carved with ears and a face, I…

  • Stiklestad


    I was invited to Stiklestad in Verdal to hold a presentation about my project on interpreting petroglyphs at the conference SPOR – arena for kulturarv 2023. I am thankful to Kulturtanken for inviting me and it was great to see all the other presentations about cultural heritage at the conference.

  • Bogge Petroglyphs

    Bogge Petroglyphs

    I visited the petroglyphs at Bogge on the 11th of July 2023. Bogge, also known as Boggestranda, is a fairly large and diverse petroglyphs site located between Eidsvåg and Eresfjord in Molde. While all the figures seem to be deer animals, they are draw in in different styles. The large and more realistic moose figure…

  • Stykket Petroglyphs

    Stykket Petroglyphs

    I travelled to see the petroglyphs at Stykket on the 11th of July 2023. Stykket is a place in the village Stadsbygd in Indre Fosen. If going there by car from Trondheim, there is a ferry at Flakk going to Rørvik, and from there it is a short drive over to Stykket. The petroglyphs are…

  • Strand Petroglyphs

    Strand Petroglyphs

    The following photographs are from my trip to the petroglyphs at Strand in Osen on the 8th of July 2023. This is a small site with a few animal figures and abstract patterns. The petroglyphs are typically dated around 3000 BCE in the late Nordic Stone Age (10,000 BCE – 1800 BCE). There are, however,…

  • Bardal Petroglyphs

    Bardal Petroglyphs

    I photographed the petroglyphs at Bardal on the 8th of July 2023. Bardalfeltet is named after the farm, Bardal, where the carvings are found in Steinkjer municipality. There is a great variety in the symbols depicted in the rock art found at Bardal, and it is speculated that they were made at different time periods…

  • Bøla Petroglyphs

    Bøla Petroglyphs

    I traveled to see the Bøla petroglyphs on the 8th of July 2023. The area the petroglyphs are located is actually called Stod in Steinkjer municipality, and Bøla is a small river that runs next to the petroglyphs and into the lake Snåsavatnet. The site is also often referred to as Bølarein, or Bølareinen, because…

  • Kvennavika (covered) Petroglyphs

    Kvennavika (covered) Petroglyphs

    On the 2nd of July 2023 I traveled to visit the petroglyphs at Kvennavika in Inderøy, Trøndelag. The path to the site was overgrown and I found the petroglyphs covered. This type of covering is common during the winter season to protect the petroglyphs from the environment. Usually this type of covering is removed in…