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  • Ausevika Figure Interpretation 2

    Ausevika Figure Interpretation 2

    This is my second interpretation of what one of the creatures in the rock carving figures at Ausevika might represent. You can see the first one here. The figure’s outline primarily resembles a deer, but some features don’t quite fit with that of a deer. Intriguingly, nearly all creatures at Ausevika possess bird-like feet. If…

  • Ausevika Figure Interpretation 1

    Ausevika Figure Interpretation 1

    I drew an interpretation of what the creature in one of the rock carving figures at Ausevika might represent. The petroglyph figure depicts a a four-legged creature with a large mouth and big claws. My first thought was that it might be a bear, but the ears are too long for a bear. Maybe a…

  • Ausevika Petroglyphs

    Ausevika Petroglyphs

    I visited the petroglyphs at Ausevika, which is one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway. Some rock carving fields may be a little disappointing to visit, as they can be hard to reach and then there are only a few carvings to look at. But Ausevika has over 300 carvings with lots of…