Fortuna (Midjourney)

Started experimenting with AI art generators. This image was made with Midjourney.

Process: generated image with Midjourney, adjusted face with GFP-GAN, paint over using Clip Studio Paint.

Made a new signature for signing AI-work if I do a lot of post-processing to it. Though it’s hard to draw the line at exactly when I feel like I’ve taken enough part in the image to be able to sign it. The new signature just adds an “i” after my normal signature, and I’ll use it to differentiate between art I create with and without AI.

Moelv Petroglyphs Part 5

The following figures also has these interval lines that can be difficult to interpret. In the first one I saw that the internal lines could be represented as a person with a long nose holding a bow or noose.

Moelv figure 12
Silhouette of figure 12 and drawing of figure 12 the internal patterns rendered as a person.

Many of the figures at Moelv looks like some form of deer, like moose. In the figure below I tried to render it as an Aurochs. The figure seems to have a large tail not seen in deer, and that’s why I wanted to see what it might look like as an ox. Aurochs are now extinct, but may have been present in Norway about 3000 B.C. In this figure I drew the internal pattern as an actual pattern on the fur of the animal.

Moelv figure 13
Silhouette of figure 13 and drawing of figure 13 as a aurochs.