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  • The Three-Faced Dreamscape

    The Three-Faced Dreamscape

    My third triptych – a triptych of triptychs! The grinning woman with her cobra earring and the star escaping from her mouth. The pale-skinned eye-creature with crimson hair, earth-tending hand, and celestial-blossom-reaching snail. The distraught lady and the mischievous snake.

  • The Maritime Dreamscape

    The Maritime Dreamscape

    Another triptych! This time with a segmented fish and other vaguely related and unrelated accessories.

  • The Aerial Dreamscape

    The Aerial Dreamscape

    Admiring the great triptych paintings by Hieronymus Bosch inspired me to make my own triptych artwork.

  • Albert?


    In the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert, Manche and Albert went searching for the lost city of Zhedurururuax. They discover the ruins of the once magnificent city and separate to cover more ground. After a short time of being separated, Manche hears a peculiar noise, like the familiar sound of the man being transformed into…

  • Some plants and a door

    Some plants and a door