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  • The Maritime Dreamscape

    The Maritime Dreamscape

    Another triptych! This time with a segmented fish and other vaguely related and unrelated accessories.

  • The Aerial Dreamscape

    The Aerial Dreamscape

    Admiring the great triptych paintings by Hieronymus Bosch inspired me to make my own triptych artwork.

  • Branch

  • Some plants and a door

    Some plants and a door
  • Falsk Blomst

    Falsk Blomst

    I was asked to contribute a picture to the 2016 Christmas exhibition at Otto-huset in Finnøy. I already had a few doodles of people with flower-heads in my sketchbook that I wanted to do something with. With these sketches as a starting point I ended up with this anxiety-ridden imposter-flower. The writing in the background…

  • Diurnalis Yoga

    Diurnalis Yoga

    I made some illustrations for an art exhibition at Stavanger Yogafestival. I decided to combine some of the symbology I’m using for my Dirurnalis project with the Yoga theme.

  • Diurnalis Christmas

    Diurnalis Christmas

    Another page from my Diurnalis project. This time with nisser!

  • The First Diurnalis Pages

    The First Diurnalis Pages

    Started a new project vaguely inspired by reading about the lives of medieval monks, illuminated manuscripts and the Voynich manuscript. I’m fascinated by the mystery of the undeciphered writing system of the Voynich manuscript, so I created my own writing system. Not quite sure where I’m going with this, but I’m enjoying it so far.…