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  • The Fruit

    The Fruit
  • Solberg Figure Interpretation 1

    Solberg Figure Interpretation 1

    I’ve been looking closer at a few of the figures from Solbergfeltet and have done some drawn interpretations. The First Group The first three figures to the left in the photograph I interpreted as a shaman beating a drum and two dancers. The middle figure has only one leg, and I interpreted that as a…

  • The Three-Faced Dreamscape

    The Three-Faced Dreamscape

    My third triptych – a triptych of triptychs! The grinning woman with her cobra earring and the star escaping from her mouth. The pale-skinned eye-creature with crimson hair, earth-tending hand, and celestial-blossom-reaching snail. The distraught lady and the mischievous snake.

  • Updating Front Page

    Updating Front Page

    I’m currently updating this website and blog, and just removed the old front page I’ve had for the last few years. This front page included a mini-game were the images on the page changed if the user hovered or clicked on them. This worked well on desktops, but never worked quite right on phones and…

  • How to use onmouseover Events

    How to use onmouseover Events

    I created some images for my homepage that will change if the user hovers over or clicks the images. Each image has three different states/animations. The change can be done using simple HTML onmouseover events and there is no need for CSS or JavaScript. Example of code for changing between three images: Start by using…