Kvennavika (covered) Petroglyphs

On the 2nd of July 2023 I traveled to visit the petroglyphs at Kvennavika in Inderøy, Trøndelag. The path to the site was overgrown and I found the petroglyphs covered.

Photograph of covered petroglyphs at Kvennavika.

This type of covering is common during the winter season to protect the petroglyphs from the environment. Usually this type of covering is removed in late spring, or early summer. 2nd of June is quite late in the season, so I suppose that that it was forgotten to remove the covering this season. Rock art is also sometime covered like this if it has been damaged in some way, but I didn’t find any information of that happening to this site.

Photograph of covered petroglyphs at Kvennavika.

Posting pictures of a covered-up site of rock art is not very interesting, but as I have posted about many of my other field trips to rock art sites I decided to include what it looks like when they are covered like this. Finding updated information about these sites before traveling to them can be difficult, and in rare cases this is the sight that might greet you when you get there.

Below is an image from a sign at the site that illustrates the figures found at the site.

Photograph of a sign at Kvennavika with illustrations of the fish figure petroglyphs.