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  • The Hunn Stone Circles

    The Hunn Stone Circles

    Hunnfeltene is an area of burial fields from the approximately 1000 BCE during the Nordic Bronze Age. The fields are in Fredrikstad and a part of Oldtidsruta. I made brief visit to one of these fields with stone circles on my way to sites with petroglyphs in the area.

  • Begby Gullskår Petroglyphs

    Begby Gullskår Petroglyphs

    The Begby petroglyphs in Fredrikstad are dated to the Nordic Bronze Age (1800 BCE -500 BCE). This is the largest rock art site located along Oldtidsruta in Østfold. This site is usually just referred to as Begby, or Begbyfeltene – named after the nearby Begby farm. There are two main groups of petroglyphs at Begby,…

  • Kongsten Fort

    Kongsten Fort

    Kongsten Fort is a fortress in Fredrikstad built around 1680 and it’s located close to Old Town Fredrikstad. I spent the night in a tent at a nearby camping site after visiting petroglyph sites along Oldtidsruta.