Grez-sur-Loing Residency

For all of November I have an artist residency ,funded by Grafill, at Hôtel Chevillon, run by The Grez-sur-Loing Foundation.

Grez-sur-Loing is a small commune a few hours south of Paris in France. I have a room and an atelier at the hotel, and my goal during this month is simply to do sketches and lay the foundation work for a new graphic novel project I’ve just started.

Photo of L'église Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Laurent (Church of Our Lady and Saint Lawrence). Red autumn leaves in the foreground and birds in the sky.
L’église Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Laurent.
Evening photo of le vieux pont (the old bridge) in Grez-sur-Loing.
Le vieux pont.
Photo of a flower with a lake (étangs de la Clarette) in the background.
La tour de Ganne (the Ganne tower) at sunset.
Tour de Ganne
Photo of a tree stump with a lake (étangs de la Clarette) in the background.
Photo of fallen tree with fungus in the forest of Fontainebleau.
Photo of lake (étangs de la Clarette) with swans.