Moelv Petroglyphs Part 5

The following figures also has these interval lines that can be difficult to interpret. In the first one I saw that the internal lines could be represented as a person with a long nose holding a bow or noose.

Moelv figure 12
Silhouette of figure 12 and drawing of figure 12 the internal patterns rendered as a person.

Many of the figures at Moelv looks like some form of deer, like moose. In the figure below I tried to render it as an Aurochs. The figure seems to have a large tail not seen in deer, and that’s why I wanted to see what it might look like as an ox. Aurochs are now extinct, but may have been present in Norway about 3000 B.C. In this figure I drew the internal pattern as an actual pattern on the fur of the animal.

Moelv figure 13
Silhouette of figure 13 and drawing of figure 13 as a aurochs.

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