Practical Project: Coma Deer

My initial plan for the practical project was to do storyboards for a feature film that I would make up. But after I showed some of my concept art and pitched my idea for my project supervisor, he suggested I should do an illustrated book instead.  I quite liked the idea of doing an illustrated book, so that’s what I’m doing now. It won’t be to long of course; I’m aiming for about 40 pages. So 20 pages of text and 20 pages with illustrations.

In short my story is about a neurotic young man called Jamie that gets sent into coma by a football in the head. Coma is a strange place between life and death and Jamie has to choose if he wants to go back to life or continue on to death.
My working title for the project is Coma Deer.

The girl in the sketches is called Simone, she’s Jamie’s girlfriend and has a fierce passion for collecting magazines.

The environment in Coma is going to feature some unusual plants, such as Squid Trees and Gillgrowth.

The little ape creature in the sketches is an Aye-aye, a Lemur species native to Madagascar, commonly regarded as a symbol of death. His name is Nicholas and he will be Jamie’s little friend in Coma

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