Category: Practical Project

  • Coma Deer

    I am still experimenting with the layout of the book; I started adding a bit of colour behind some of the text to make the design more interesting. The first sketch illustrates moment Nicholas the Aye-aye’s head starts transforming into the head of Simone.

  • Coma Deer – Cover

    So this is the final version of the cover, for the time being at least. I went for a green light source, trying to make it a bit moody. Though it sort of made it look like the cover for a teenage vampire novel.

  • Coma Deer – Cover WIP

    I started working on the cover for Coma Deer this week. I only worked in black and white so far to get the values working, but I’ll start adding some colour pretty soon.

  • Coma Deer – layout

    Here are a couple of examples for the layout of my book -nothing is final yet. I didn’t give layout much thought in the planning process, and I don’t think I even included time for doing layout on my schedule. But it’s actually quite an extensive field and I still have a lot to learn.…

  • Coma Deer – in the waiting room

    Here’s some drawings for the first few pages of the book.

  • Coma Deer – more Coma creatures

    These are some of the first creature Jamie encounters in Coma.

  • Coma Deer – running

    Here’s two drawings I did of Jamie running.

  • Coma Deer – more colour tests

    I’ve posted these before, but I did some modifications to the colours after getting feedback from my supervisor.

  • Coma Deer – colour experiment

    I did an inked version of the deer sketch that I posted earlier. I was a little dissatisfied with the flat colouring on the earlier tests for the book, so I decided to try something new. Here I added some quick variation and texture into the colour, to add some more life to the illustration.…

  • Coma Deer – creature sketches

    Sketches for some creatures with the head of Simone that Jamie encounters in Coma.