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  • Why is it so dark?

    Why is it so dark?

    It just is. Wait and hopefully the light will come back later.

  • Messenger


    Half-bat, half-human, The Messenger sprang out from behind the rocks and raced past the perplexed villagers, her eyes gleaming with ecstatic joy. She spread out her leathery wings to take flight and cackled “This is merely the beginning of the message I’ll deliver!” As she disappeared into the distance, the villagers stared up at the…

  • Lavandula


    A man and a woman, each alone in the dark,not knowing the other, they dwelt apart,the trace of a scent, drew them out of the gloom,they first saw each other, where he lavender bloom. Smiling and laughing, no longer alone,their hearts intermingled, in love yet unknown,Amongst the purple flowers, safe and secure,Guided together by Lavandula’s…

  • Zodiac


    The first task we got in the Drawing and Composition module was to draw a coloured 2d image representing our zodiac sign. This is my zodiac Libra, or the Scales: And here’s the coloured pencil drawing I did of my Chinese zodiac, Earth Dragon: Edit: I drew and updated version of the earth dragon design.