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  • Vardeneset Petroglyphs

    Vardeneset Petroglyphs

    I visited Vareneset in Stavanger to have a look at the rock carvings in the area. I wasn’t able to find much information about how many petroglyph figures there are in the location before going there. Vardeneset is also sometimes spelled “Vardenes”. It’s the same location. The rock carvings are supposed to be near the…

  • Kjøbenhavnerbukta Petroglyphs

    Kjøbenhavnerbukta Petroglyphs

    The petroglyphs at Kjøbenhavnerbukta is found at Kvernevik in Stavanger, and are sometimes also refered to as “helleristningene ved Kvernevik”. It’s a small field with large ship figures found next to the Kvernevik Ring road. The figures are dated to the Nordic Bronze Age, like all the petroglyphs in Stavanger and Rogaland.

  • Aubeberget Petroglyphs

    Aubeberget Petroglyphs

    Aubeberget is a site with petroglyphs located near Hafrsfjord in Stavanger, and is quite close to the petroglyphs at Fluberget. Typical for Norwegian petroglyphs dated to the Bronze Age most of the symbols found there are ship figures. There are also a few cup marks (skålgroper) at the site.

  • Fluberget Petroglyphs

    Fluberget Petroglyphs

    With an interesting variety of symbols, Fluberget is one of the more interesting petroglyph sites in the Stavanger area. It is located near Hafrsfjord and only a short distance away from the petroglyphs at Aubeberget. The above Y-shaped figures are often referred to as adorants (adoranter) in the study of rock art. The idea that…

  • Rudlå Petroglyphs

    Rudlå Petroglyphs

    Rudlåparken in Stavanger is located between Kampen and Gamle Stavanger. In the park there is a small site with petroglyphs, estimated to be dating from around 1000 BCE in the Nordic Bronze Age. The petroglyphs here used to be painted red for visibility, but they haven’t been painted in a while and can be somewhat…

  • Åmøy Petroglyphs

    Åmøy Petroglyphs

    Åmøy is an island just outside of Stavanger, and it is accessible through subsea tunnels. With over a thousand identified figures, Åmøy has the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in Rogaland. It is also one of the larges petroglyph sites in Norway, and new figures are still being discovered in the area. There are a few…

  • Stavanger snow

    Stavanger snow
  • Diurnalis Yoga

    Diurnalis Yoga

    I made some illustrations for an art exhibition at Stavanger Yogafestival. I decided to combine some of the symbology I’m using for my Dirurnalis project with the Yoga theme.