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  • Peace Lily sketch collection

    Peace Lily sketch collection

    Finished putting together a little book with my 100 Peace Lily Sketches. I drew the same Peace Lily flower as it was dying over 100 days. I started the series after reading about Rudolf Steiner’s exercises for spiritual development. One of the exercises is about drawing the same plant or tree or landscape over the…

  • More Peace Lilies

    More Peace Lilies

    Continuing with the daily sketches of a dying Peace Lily.

  • Peace Lily 6th of November

    Peace Lily 6th of November

    I have been doing daily sketches of the same Peace Lily flower since the 21st of August. The flower has been decaying for a while now, but there is still some life in the stem and I will continue drawing it until the decay has advanced so far down the stem that the flower crumbles…

  • Peace


    Illustration for the Arne Garborg novel Peace (Fred). The hand of Jesus with bleeding stigmata reaching down to the hand of Enok Hove, who is drowing in the blood of Christ.