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  • Vingen Figure Interpretation 1

    Vingen Figure Interpretation 1

    The Vingen rock carvings (Vingenfeltet) are located in Bremanger in Vestland County. It is one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway and the carvings are dated to approximately 4000-3000 BCE during the Nordic Stone Age. I’ve been taking a look at one of many striped mammal figures found at the site. The Figure…

  • Glittersjå Fjellgård

    Glittersjå Fjellgård

    Large deer species like Reindeer and Moose are very common in the Norwegian Stone Age petroglyphs. As part of the research for Fortidens Norge, where I use drawing to experiment with the interpretation of the Norwegian petroglyphs, I visited a farm with Reindeer and Moose to study these animals.

  • Moelv Petroglyphs Part 2

    Moelv Petroglyphs Part 2

    Continuing with the interpretations of the figures on side 1 of the Moelv Rock I’m moving on to the bottom left figure from the picture in the previous post. I rendered the shape of the petroglyph both as a young moose and as a goat. In the moose version the long ears and stocky body…

  • Illustrations for Omnipax

    Illustrations for Omnipax

    I Illustrated the Norwegian children’s book “Elgen Geir” written by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown and published by Omnipax Forlag. Some sample illustrations from inside the book: