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  • Pencil Eye

    Pencil Eye
  • Engehaugen bird

    Engehaugen bird
  • Gone

  • Human Alien Hybrid

    Human Alien Hybrid

    *Update 2020: this design is now available for prints and various other products in my RedBubble store. This digital painting was inspired the common theme of hybrids between aliens and humans (H.A.H.) in UFO mythology. Hybrids often show up in stories of someone encountering what seems to be a mix between a human and an…

  • Peace


    Illustration for the Arne Garborg novel Peace (Fred). The hand of Jesus with bleeding stigmata reaching down to the hand of Enok Hove, who is drowing in the blood of Christ.

  • Demon

  • Lanterns


    Experimenting with a slightly different approach to painting. I started playing around with these abstract tree shapes in Photoshop and then locking the shape layer. I add a few different colors that I smudge around and it gives a nice texture that I like. Once I had the trees I started adding these other things…