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  • Møllerstufossen Petroglyphs Part 2

    Møllerstufossen Petroglyphs Part 2

    First post about Møllerstufossen: https://andersgoliversen.com/blog/2022/05/16/mollerstufossen/ Some of the figures at Møllerstufossen reminds me of goats more than moose or deer, such as this one: Møllerstufossen is one of two areas with petroglyphs in Innlandet county, the other one being Moelv which has some figures that also look like goats to me: https://andersgoliversen.com/blog/page/5/ There is a…

  • Moelv Petroglyphs Part 2

    Moelv Petroglyphs Part 2

    Continuing with the interpretations of the figures on side 1 of the Moelv Rock I’m moving on to the bottom left figure from the picture in the previous post. I rendered the shape of the petroglyph both as a young moose and as a goat. In the moose version the long ears and stocky body…