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  • Stykket Petroglyphs

    Stykket Petroglyphs

    I travelled to see the petroglyphs at Stykket on the 11th of July 2023. Stykket is a place in the village Stadsbygd in Indre Fosen. If going there by car from Trondheim, there is a ferry at Flakk going to Rørvik, and from there it is a short drive over to Stykket. The petroglyphs are…

  • Strand Petroglyphs

    Strand Petroglyphs

    The following photographs are from my trip to the petroglyphs at Strand in Osen on the 8th of July 2023. This is a small site with a few animal figures and abstract patterns. The petroglyphs are typically dated around 3000 BCE in the late Nordic Stone Age (10,000 BCE – 1800 BCE). There are, however,…