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  • Glittersjå Fjellgård

    Glittersjå Fjellgård

    Large deer species like Reindeer and Moose are very common in the Norwegian Stone Age petroglyphs. As part of the research for Fortidens Norge, where I use drawing to experiment with the interpretation of the Norwegian petroglyphs, I visited a farm with Reindeer and Moose to study these animals.

  • Artist Recidency at Seanse

    Artist Recidency at Seanse

    June 13th-June 17th I had an artist recidency at Seanse Art Center in Volda with my project Fortidens Norge (Prehistoric Norway). In addition to myself there was one other visual artist, one actress, one musician, one group of three actors and one group of two dancers together with a musician having their residency at the…