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  • Evenhus Figure Interpretation 1

    Evenhus Figure Interpretation 1

    There is a curiously carved human-like figure among the petroglyphs at Evenhus: If it is supposed to be a human, it is lacking both arms and legs. Without the face it wouldn’t look very human at all. As it is rather rare for human petroglyph figures to be carved with ears and a face, I…

  • Evenhus Petroglyphs

    Evenhus Petroglyphs

    I visited the petroglyphs at Evenhus in Frosta on the 2nd of July 2022. The site is located just behind a small CafĂ© along the road, and there is a sign indicating that you can park there to see the petroglyphs. The carvings at Evenhus are dated to around 2000 BCE, which was near the…