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  • Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis has gotten more funding from Filmkraft Rogaland. After previously working on short 1 minute episodes, I’m now working on extending the concept into a TV-series with 20 minute episodes. Here’s some recent concept art for the new direction of the series:

  • Diurnalis Short Film Work

    Diurnalis Short Film Work

    I’ve finished my work on the first two Diurnalis short films! Title cards for the two episodes: Still frames: Background art:

  • Diurnalis – character portraits and rough animation

    Diurnalis – character portraits and rough animation

    Diurnalis has gotten som more funding from Filmkraft Rogaland and I’m now working on producing two ~1 minute short episodes based on two of the animatics I previously made. These are some of the characters that will feature in the short films: Some work-in-progress animation for one of the episodes: