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  • Åskollen Petroglyphs

    Åskollen Petroglyphs

    There is a small site with petroglyphs at Åskollen in Drammen, located within walking distance from the petroglyphs at Skogerveien. The main figure is a large moose with intricate internal patterns. There are also supposed to be two smaller more abstract figures. The figures are dated to around 4500 BCE during the Nordic Stone Age.…

  • Skogerveien Petroglyphs

    Skogerveien Petroglyphs

    The petroglyphs at Skogerveien is located in a residential area in Drammen, a short distance away from the Åskollen petroglyphs. The rock art is dated to around 4000 BCE during the Nordic Stone age. The site has figures of fish, a whale and a deer. They all have internal patterns, and the patterns on the…