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  • Diurnalis on Youtube

    Diurnalis on Youtube

    I discontiuned my plans for the animated series Diurnalis a few years ago, but I never posted the animation I did for the project. Here are two short films and an animatic I made during the early stages of the project:

  • Transformation of the Monk

    Transformation of the Monk
  • Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis has gotten more funding from Filmkraft Rogaland. After previously working on short 1 minute episodes, I’m now working on extending the concept into a TV-series with 20 minute episodes. Here’s some recent concept art for the new direction of the series:

  • Diurnalis Short Film Work

    Diurnalis Short Film Work

    I’ve finished my work on the first two Diurnalis short films! Title cards for the two episodes: Still frames: Background art:

  • Diurnalis – character portraits and rough animation

    Diurnalis – character portraits and rough animation

    Diurnalis has gotten som more funding from Filmkraft Rogaland and I’m now working on producing two ~1 minute short episodes based on two of the animatics I previously made. These are some of the characters that will feature in the short films: Some work-in-progress animation for one of the episodes:

  • Diurnalis Animatic Stills

    Diurnalis Animatic Stills

    I got pre-production funding from Filmkraft Rogaland to write the scripts and create the animatics for 10 episodes for an animated series based on my Diurnalis project. Each of these first episodes will only be around 1 minute long. I’ve finished with writing the scripts and turned them into storyboards, and now I’m turning them…

  • Diurnalis Yoga

    Diurnalis Yoga

    I made some illustrations for an art exhibition at Stavanger Yogafestival. I decided to combine some of the symbology I’m using for my Dirurnalis project with the Yoga theme.

  • Diurnalis Christmas

    Diurnalis Christmas

    Another page from my Diurnalis project. This time with nisser!

  • The First Diurnalis Pages

    The First Diurnalis Pages

    Started a new project vaguely inspired by reading about the lives of medieval monks, illuminated manuscripts and the Voynich manuscript. I’m fascinated by the mystery of the undeciphered writing system of the Voynich manuscript, so I created my own writing system. Not quite sure where I’m going with this, but I’m enjoying it so far.…