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  • Messenger


    Half-bat, half-human, The Messenger sprang out from behind the rocks and raced past the perplexed villagers, her eyes gleaming with ecstatic joy. She spread out her leathery wings to take flight and cackled “This is merely the beginning of the message I’ll deliver!” As she disappeared into the distance, the villagers stared up at the…

  • Angel & Devil

    Angel & Devil

    Made two drawings to decorate the new room I’m renting.

  • Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis Concept Sketches

    Diurnalis has gotten more funding from Filmkraft Rogaland. After previously working on short 1 minute episodes, I’m now working on extending the concept into a TV-series with 20 minute episodes. Here’s some recent concept art for the new direction of the series:

  • Demon

  • Glasya-Labolas


    Finished up my version of the demon dog Glasya-Labolas (also known as Caacrinolaas, Caassimolar, Classyalabolas, Glassia-labolis, Glasya Labolas, Gaylos-Lobos). A mighty president of hell, author and captain of manslaughter and bloodshed, teller of all things past and to come, causer of love among friends and foes, inciter of homicides, and maker of invisible men.

  • Occult alphabet

    Occult alphabet

    These are some of the ideas I’m working on for the alphabet themed assignment in drawing and composition. The dog in the first sketch here is Glasya-Labolas, a demon said to be the author of manslaughter, causes love among friends and foes and that he teaches art and science. It is said that he should…