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  • Alta Humanoid Petroglyph

    Alta Humanoid Petroglyph

    There are a few humanoid figures in the north of Norway with spread arms and legs like the one above. A typical interpretation of this type of figure is that of a pregnant woman about to give birth, perhaps seen from above when lying on the ground. But there are several aspects of the figure…

  • Åmøy Petroglyphs

    Åmøy Petroglyphs

    Åmøy is an island just outside of Stavanger, and it is accessible through subsea tunnels. With over a thousand identified figures, Åmøy has the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in Rogaland. It is also one of the larges petroglyph sites in Norway, and new figures are still being discovered in the area. There are a few…

  • Horned Figures in Bronze Age Rock Art in Norway

    Horned Figures in Bronze Age Rock Art in Norway

    There are several horned humanoid figures in the Bronze Age rock carvings found in Østfold, Norway and Bohuslän, Sweden. These figures are often interpreted as humans with horned helmets. Another distinguishing feature of the humanoid figures from this area and time period are elongated legs with accentuated calf muscles, and sometimes they also have elongated,…