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  • Peace Lily sketch collection

    Peace Lily sketch collection

    Finished putting together a little book with my 100 Peace Lily Sketches. I drew the same Peace Lily flower as it was dying over 100 days. I started the series after reading about Rudolf Steiner’s exercises for spiritual development. One of the exercises is about drawing the same plant or tree or landscape over the…

  • More Peace Lilies

    More Peace Lilies

    Continuing with the daily sketches of a dying Peace Lily.

  • Peace Lily 6th of November

    Peace Lily 6th of November

    I have been doing daily sketches of the same Peace Lily flower since the 21st of August. The flower has been decaying for a while now, but there is still some life in the stem and I will continue drawing it until the decay has advanced so far down the stem that the flower crumbles…