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  • Diurnalis on Youtube

    Diurnalis on Youtube

    I discontiuned my plans for the animated series Diurnalis a few years ago, but I never posted the animation I did for the project. Here are two short films and an animatic I made during the early stages of the project:

  • Arithmetic Scribble Videos

    Arithmetic Scribble Videos

    Collaborated with Screen Story on another scribble-film for Kompetanse Norge. This time the theme was basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Diurnalis Animatic Stills

    Diurnalis Animatic Stills

    I got pre-production funding from Filmkraft Rogaland to write the scripts and create the animatics for 10 episodes for an animated series based on my Diurnalis project. Each of these first episodes will only be around 1 minute long. I’ve finished with writing the scripts and turned them into storyboards, and now I’m turning them…