Category: School work

  • Chester Zoo

    I’ve just been to Chester Zoo with some of my classmates: Did lots of quick little sketches while I was there:

  • Excelsior Movie Poster – Thumbnails

    We’ve been asked to make a movie poster for the Excelsior project. I’ve done a few thumbnails for it, but haven’t decided which composition I’m going for quite yet.

  • The Midnight Curse of Mogdread

    We’re developing concepts for a game for one of our assignments at school. In my version of the game the heroic Owlmonkey wants to save the mysterious Mermonkey from the wizard Mogdread. But why does Mermonkey only appear after Midnight? What is stopping her from leaving the tower of Mogdread? And why would the illustrious…

  • 20 two

    This week we had to draw 20 females from imagination:

  • Batman

    A classmate challenged everyone in class to draw their version of batman, and I did two little Batman doodles. The sketch on the right depicts Batman from his early days when he was attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  • Life Drawing

    Some more life drawings:

  • Faces

  • 20

    We have to do 20 drawings of a specific subject every week for one of our modules, lately we’ve been focusing on anatomy and we were required to do 20 nude males from imagination for this week. Some of the ones I drew: We also had a male model for our life drawing session; two…

  • Excelsior

    Some of the work I’ve done so far for a school project called Excelsior. It’s a sci-fi story developed by one of our teachers and we all design our own versions of the characters and environments based on his feedback.

  • The Black Hill

    I’m currently working on a short story called The Black Hill; it involves a witch named Myrd, a witch hunter and an abnormally long cat with bat wings and a rat’s tail.