Category: Creative Animation

  • Maxwell Co by Team 8

    Here’s the finished film I worked on together with the rest of Team 8 for the Creative Animation module:

  • Creative Animation short film

    Posted a wip of this one a while ago, it’s more or less finished now. This is a concept sketch of Jack, the main character of the film.

  • Portrait of the wife wip

    I started working on a painting that will appear in my teams Creative Animation short film. The painting will only stay on the screen for a short amount of time, and it’s supposed to be a picure of the wife of the boss character in the film. Here’s the storyboard for when we see the…

  • Group project

    We’re doing a group project for the Creative Animation module, my group consist of three other Norwegians. Since we have lots of work in our other modules as well, there’s not really that much time to make a short film. So I’m trying to save some time by doing the concept art and storyboards at…