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  • Stiklestad


    I was invited to Stiklestad in Verdal to hold a presentation about my project on interpreting petroglyphs at the conference SPOR – arena for kulturarv 2023. I am thankful to Kulturtanken for inviting me and it was great to see all the other presentations about cultural heritage at the conference.

  • Inspirational Artists: Hieronymus Bosch

    Inspirational Artists: Hieronymus Bosch

    Hieronymus Bosch is one of my favorite artists. His paintings are endlessly detailed and full of bizarre creatures coexisting with humans who enact stories within stories. What I love about Bosch is how imaginative he is in with his creature designs and storytelling. Taking a closer look at his art is always rewarding, and that’s…

  • The Draw-a-Person in the Rain (DAP-R) Test on ChatGPT

    The Draw-a-Person in the Rain (DAP-R) Test on ChatGPT

    The Draw-a-Person (DAP) test is a psychological assessment tool developed by psychologist Florence Goodenough in the 1920s. It was initially designed to measure the intellectual ability and cognitive development of children through the analysis of their drawings. Over time, it evolved into several variations assessing different psychological aspects. One variant is the Draw-a-Person in the…

  • Dating the Norwegian Petroglyphs

    Dating the Norwegian Petroglyphs

    Over the last year, I’ve been writing numerous blog posts about the petroglyphs of Norway. In this blog post, I want to provide a brief overview of what we know about when these petroglyphs were made. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, are currently believed to have emerged around 300,000 year ago. However, we likely did not…

  • From Rock Art to AI Generated Art

    From Rock Art to AI Generated Art

    My fascination with rock art has grown over the past few years. During the last year, I’ve also been struck by the output from AI-generated art as well. Sometimes I’m asked about why my project about interpreting ancient rock carvings is relevant today. With the rapid advancement of AI art generation, we’re witnessing a significant…