I am an artist, researcher and writer with a diverse academic and professional background. This blog, established in 2009, serves as a platform for sharing my thoughts, experiences, and research endeavors.

Self-portrait of the creator of this realm.
Falsk Blomst (2016)

My academic journey has spanned digital art at Noroff and Teesside University, traditional art at the Academy of Realist Art, and Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Professionally, I have ventured into the entertainment industry, working on animation and video games, and I have also worked on projects related to Computer Vision and hyperspectral imagery in the research sector.

Over the years, this blog has evolved into a comprehensive journal documenting my various interests and pursuits. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to art, travel, computer science, and literature.

Currently, my primary focus is a project titled “Fortidens Norge” (Pre-historic Norway), an exploration into the interpretation of rock art. As such, a significant portion of the recent content on this blog is dedicated to the world of rock art and petroglyphs.


anders.oliversen (at) gmail.com