More Midjourney AI Generated Art

I made a new signature for signing AI-work if I do of post-processing to it. Though it’s hard to draw the line at exactly when I feel like I’ve taken enough part in the image to be able to sign it. The new signature just adds an “i” after my normal signature, and I’ll use it to differentiate between art I create with and without AI.

It’s debatable whether it’s there’s any point adding a signature to art you generated by typing in a text prompt to an AI art generator, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing it.

What hath God wrought.
Example of the “raw” image from Midjourney, face-correction with GFP-Gan and post-production in Clip Stuido Paint.
Old masters drawing of a Bloodhound.
The personification of Moloch in the streets of New York.
The last days of humanity.

This images where all generated using Midjourney. Here is another post where i explored AI generated art with DALL·E 2:

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