Little Death

"Little Death". Digital painting portrait of a woman with closed eyes and open mouth, surrounded by a soft glow of white hair.
Little Death (2020)

*Update: Little Death is now available for prints and various other products in my RedBubble store.

This painting started with some sketches inspired by the concept of La petite mort (little death), that is the weakening or loss of consciousness during sleep or orgasm as likened to death. This is mostly and internal concept, but it could also be difficult to tell the difference between a portrait of someone who is dead, sleeping or experiencing an orgasm. I was also inspired by L’Inconnue de la Seine, which is the death mask of a young woman. She looks content, even though she apparently died from drowning.

I’ve also been wanting to do a painting were the golden ratio plays a prominent role. The canvas has the proportions of a golden rectangle with several other elements placed to conform to the golden ratio. The painting also has a golden hue, which can also look like the yellowing pallor of the dead.

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