Square Sketches 2

Illustration of Crusader/Paladin thinking "What if I was wrong?".
The Doubtful Crusader
Illustration of a CCCP (soviet) astronaut repairing a spaceship. He looks into space and an angel is reflected in his helmet visor and he is thinking "Finally".
CCCP Astronaut
Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks depicted as a skeleton with a flame floating above her head.
Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks)
Something similar to a humanoid ginger root surrounded by alchemical tools.
Ginger root alchemy
Illustration of a troll with trees growing on it. A little gnome has set fire to the trees, and the troll is thinking "Bloody Gnomes! I'll get them... Next time..."
Trolls & Gnomes
A flattered looking lizard humanoid saying "Seriously?".
Two monks looking at a tower with no door in the middle of the forest.
The Tower
A creepy humanoid creature without a head in a dark forest.
The Watcher Without Eyes.