Majesty Paladin

Fan art of the paladins in the original Majesty game.

Paladin was my favorite end-game class in the first Majesty game. It’s one of the strongest classes, but I also liked the design of the female paladins in golden armor with big swords. In Majesty two the design is changed to a more generic looking paladin with a mace and a shield. This was my attempt at a slightly more modern redesign of the original paladins.

Illustration of a female paladin in golden armor with a big sword.  Done as a redesign of the paladins in the first Majesty game.
Majesty Paladin in gold armor. Silently judging you.

I made this after my period as a concept artist at Paradox Interactive where I did some work on the Majesty franchise. So this is not connected to any real Majesty project.