Charcoal drawing of an ear cast

My first cast drawing done at the Toronto Academy of Realist Art! After my four Bargue copies of increasing complexity I’ve graduated on to drawing from real life. But I’ve also been demoted to draw more simple objects again. The first cast drawing students do at the Academy is always of a simple subject before moving on to something more complex in the next assignment.

My charchoal drawing of an ear cast next to the actual cast.
My drawing next to the cast.

I did this drawing using charcoal and it is drawn at sight-size. Using the sight-size approach to drawing means I constantly stepped back to view the drawing and cast from a fixed distance, then I try to draw the object exactly as it appears from that point. Viewing the object from any other point means it will look because the perspective changes.

Detail of my charchoal drawing of an ear cast.
Close-up of my charcoal study of a cast of an ear.

This is unfortunately the last assignment I will do at the Academy of Realist Art. For the time being, at least. I’m out of money and have to return to Norway. If I had been able to continue the next step would be one more charcoal cast drawing before moving on to oil painting.

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