Animation thumbnails

Our project in Creative Character Animation this year is to create a 20 seconds long animation using a piece of dialog that we just recorded. We are in groups of five using the same dialog, but everyone does their own animation based on that dialog.

To help us getting started with ideas we got a list of objects such as stuffed bird, lamp shade and flower. I did some doodles while trying to come up with ideas for our dialog and getting used to the character we have to use for 2d animation in this module:

The dialog we ended up with was this: “I know this looks weird – but give me a moment, I can explain.” My take on this will be a man massaging some birds feet, an off screen character walks in and the man with the bird tries to explain.
I’ve done some thumbnails for the storyboards, but they’re not in the correct order:

We’ve already recorded the dialog for this and I just started working on it in Adobe Flash. First I’ll draw the most important moments, like a storyboard and then I’ll just keep refining for the animation.

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