Life and Adventures
Anders Gjesdal Oliversen
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A monk drinks the blood of the beheaded and transforms into a nun.
Image with a lady, a dragon, a trumpet, floating heads, a key and few other items
Image of a mermonkey, two severed heads, two books, a bird and a few other items.
Animation still frame: A monk looking sternly at a placid peasant boy.
Animation title card: Tiny monks gathered around a gigantic piece of cake with a candle.
Animation still frame: A monk holding a map while walking in a dark corridor.
Seemingly pregnant alien-human hybrid.
A skeleton looking over her shoulder.
A bleeding hand reaching down to another hand drowning in blood.
An astronaut sees an angel.
Portraits of an aging wizard thinking about abstract matters while a familiar sitting on the wizard's head shouts 'Bejabbers!'
A crusader having second thoughts.
Lady with stigmata, flowers and a snake.
Portrait of someone who might be dying.
A demon with two heads.
A large-nosed witch with the body of a worm.
A winged sphinx with a halo.
A living ginger plant discussing relevant items.
Apple with and eye surrounded by ornaments.
An angel apologizing to an extraterrestrial.
Dove grabbing a snake biting the dove.
Head of cow surrounded by bells, an instrument, insects, leaves and a few other items..
A monk running from a bird.
A tree and little else.
Perscripta - Transformation of the Monk Perscripta - Lady Dragon Perscripta - Mermonkey Diurnalis - Mystery stillframe Diurnalis - Happy Birthday title card Diurnalis - Happy Birthday stillframe Hybrid Gone Fred/Peace Astronaut Bejabbers The Doubtful Crusader Nothing Ever Hurts Again Little Death Diurnalis - Demon What Hath God Wrought The Sphinx A Flower of Alchemy Yahweh The Angel and the Grey Never Let Me Go Perscripta - Music for Cows Diurnalis - Elijah Running Perscripta - Tree