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  • Workshop and Melhus Petroglyphs

    Workshop and Melhus Petroglyphs

    I held a workshop/seminar about interpreting rock art for first year archeology students at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. In the evening I joined the students and teachers on a field trip to Melhus to view petroglyphs after dark. There are several areas with recently found petroglyphs in Melhus in the […]

  • Hell Petroglyphs

    Hell Petroglyphs

    I went on another field trip to look for petroglyphs, and this time the trip went to Hell in Stjørdal. The place is actually named Hell, but it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the English meaning of the world hell. Hell means luck (hell og lykke) in modern Norwegian. Hell in Stjørdal probably […]

  • Ausevika Petroglyphs

    Ausevika Petroglyphs

    I visited the petroglyphs at Ausevika, which is one of the largest rock carving sites in Norway. Some rock carving fields may be a little disappointing to visit, as they can be hard to reach and then there are only a few carvings to look at. But Ausevika has over 300 carvings with lots of […]

  • Salthammeren Petroglyphs

    Salthammeren Petroglyphs

    “Salthammeren” (Bokmål) or “Salthamaren” (Nynorsk) is a small petroglyph site in Vangdal south of Norheimsund in Kvam municipality, Vestland County. The “Salt” part of Salthamaren also means salt in Norwegian, and it got this name because there have been found traces of ancient salt production in the area. “Hamaren” refers to the steep rock face […]

  • Herand Petroglyphs

    Herand Petroglyphs

    Herand is a small village in Ullensvang municipality, Vestland county. In addition to a site with rock carvings, there is also cultural trail you can follow to learn more about the area and it’s a nice little place to visit. The petroglyphs are typically dated to around 1100 -500 BC in the Nordic Bronze Age, […]

  • Vardeneset Petroglyphs

    Vardeneset Petroglyphs

    I visited Vareneset in Stavanger to have a look at the rock carvings in the area. I wasn’t able to find much information about how many petroglyph figures there are in the location before going there. Vardeneset is also sometimes spelled “Vardenes”. It’s the same location. The rock carvings are supposed to be near the […]

  • Kjøbenhavnerbukta Petroglyphs

  • Aubeberget Petroglyphs

  • Fluberget Petroglyphs

  • Rudlå Petroglyphs