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Greetings. It is I, Anders: creator of the Muckhall semi-portable thermosboots. I also created this website. I create lots of things, and it's all here. Everything I do is for you and this is the place where you finally get to know more about me. But before we get to that, I would like to tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a giant Elephantwhale. His name was Jordan and he liked eating leaves and blueberries. One day while Jordan was driving home from work he suddenly felt a pain in his heart. Then he died. Jordan the giant Elephantwhale was only thirteen years old.

Now, you might be feeling sad and forlorn after reading such a meaningless and depressing tale. Fortunately I know a story that should revive your good spirits:

In the year of 12, 421 BC there lived a special snowflake by the name of Lululu. She lived a long and monotonous life. Then she melted away and died in the spring of 11, 896 BC. Lululu was 78 years old.

If you are hungry for more thrilling enigmas you may read the previous two in reverse order. If you are more interested in the Muckhall semi-portable thermosboots I suggest you head over to the contact page and see if you can find the well-disguised e-mail address.

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